F.C. Data Services and Privacy

If there’s one word that sparks the most discussion when it comes to marketing data, it’s Privacy.  No company wants to find themselves on the wrong end of a claim that privacy rights have been violated.

F.C. Data Services considers privacy to be a core principal for how we run our company and how we address data monetization opportunities.  We will not represent and data assets for which PII and other privacy concerns aren’t very clearly defined.

Additionally, privacy laws and guidelines are becoming more stringent every day even as big data continues to expand.  F.C. Data Services works hard both internally and with industry partners to stay abreast of these changes and to ensure that full compliance is followed.

Our clients always retain control of their data and the full extent to which this data is utilized through the life of any contract.  This includes the initial contract and all of the follow-on reporting regarding the use of that data.

There are no set rules as to how a data asset monetization contract is written.   This is all negotiated under the guidance of F.C. Data Services and generally with the advice of a broad legal team from both parties.