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Comprehensive Business Data and Intelligence

F.C. Data Services through its B2B Data Partners leads the industry in compiling and verifying Business (B2B) information.  Our partners offer comprehensive and accurate business data with all the “firmagraphic” selections needed to reach your B2B clients. Additionally, we can offer our clients access to a wide variety of business data analytics and services that go well beyond the raw data.

Online Product Applications include:

  • Email prospecting and append
  • Realtime data append via API
  • Lead generation
  • Ad targeting (PII to Non-PII Conversion)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online Directories

Offline Product Applications include:

  • Marketing & Sales lists
  • Direct Mail prospecting and customer engagement
  • Telemarketing
  • Risk Management
  • Customer file enhancement and segmentation
  • Mobile marketing
  • Data hygiene and standardization

Business Data Segments include:

  • US-Based Businesses
  • Small Office / Home Office Intelligence
  • Minority/Ethnic Owned Business Intelligence
  • Women Owned Business Intelligence
  • New Businesses