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Comprehensive Consumer Information and Household Insights

Maximizing our client’s marketing efforts is a key focus for F.C. Data Services.  Through our many industry partnerships, we offer a wide range of comprehensive Consumer Database files covering millions of individuals in the United States and Canada.

Utilizing the deep demographic, behavioral, lifestyle, financial and homeowner data, our clients can most efficiently target their desired audiences and thus achieve the marketing results needed to succeed in today’s extremely competitive marketplaces.

Online Product Applications include:

  • Email prospecting and append
  • Realtime data append via API
  • Lead generation
  • Ad targeting (PII to Non-PII Conversion)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online Directories
  • Mobile AD IDs (MAIDS)
  • Identity Resolution and Consumer Linkage

Offline Product Applications include:

  • Marketing & Sales lists
  • Direct Mail prospecting and customer engagement
  • Telemarketing
  • Risk Management
  • Customer file enhancement and segmentation
  • Mobile marketing
  • Data hygiene and standardization

Consumer and Household Data Products include:

  • US Household Intelligence
  • US Consumer Date of Birth Intelligence
  • Internet Connected Consumers
  • Auto
  • Canadian Consumers
  • Consumer Trending Data
  • Consumer Preference Data
  • Consumer Purchase and Transaction Data
  • Consumer Intentions Insights
  • Omni-Channel Consumer Access